• Living with parents - Although living with parents can sometimes be undesirable, it is an ideal opportunity to begin saving for future events while there are no other financial commitments involved.

  • Stepping onto the property ladder – This decision could have an impact on lifetime finances, depending on whether staying in that job/career is a short or long term commitment.

  • Renting – Renting can be seen by many as money going nowhere, with no ownership of what you pay for. However, others would argue that renting a property will generally cover costs such as maintenance, while if the house was bought you would have to pay these costs yourself.

  • Budgeting finances – Beginning to save for future events such as a mortgage, or other expensive assets like a car/motor vehicle. Savings may even be needed for other events such as travelling. Budgeting and knowing where to put the savings is an important consideration where advice may be needed.

Financial Planning Areas

  • Advice on savings and investments
  • How soon to start paying into a pension
  • Advice on protection products - income protection
  • Mortgage advice (Achieve Financial Planning Ltd does not offer advice on mortgage loan products)