At Retirement and Beyond


After retirement, the need to keep income and expenditure in line is usually even greater, because the scope to boost income from earnings will be much more limited.

  • Priorities in retirement

  • Is there a need to increase post retirement income

  • Everyone should consider spending their capital, but the danger lies in outliving the amount of capital that is held.

  • Budgeting carefully is something extremely important at any time of our lives, but particularly in retirement. The retired lifestyle can be more expensive than the working life, and this should be budgeted for accordingly.

  • Achieving life goals before it is too late

  • Passing on unrequired wealth to the next generation

Financial Planning Areas

  • Non-pension income options to meet retirement goals
  • Information on taking a lump sum
  • Ensuring income meets expenditure
  • How to meet the difference in income and expenditure
  • Planning effectively to ensure retirement goals are met
  • Inheritance tax planning / setting up trusts