We offer a no obligation suitability assessment which will take around 10 minutes to complete. You can also save your progress half-way through and return later if required.

1. We will ask you some questions about your investment and the level of risk you are comfortable to take with your investments.

2. Based on the information provided, we will show you how your money should be invested

3. We will provide projections for how your investments could perform

4. It will then be up to you if you decide to proceed with us.

The information you provide will be 100% anonymous, until you decide to make an investment.


By following our suitability assessment, you will not be committing to our service and no personal information will be collected. Personal details will only be required if you wish to proceed.

The 'Before we start' page explains the service so that you can see whether it is the right service for you before you start.

In summary, online investing is designed to offer you a portfolio aimed to achieve the potential for growth. It doesn't consider any of your existing investments.

If you would prefer your existing investments to be considered please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Remember, by completing the suitability assessment you are not committing to our service.


  • How much you wish to invest  
  • Generic personal details - e.g. gender, age, marital status.
  • 9 Risk Tolerance Questions to grade your risk profile.
  • 7 Risk Capacity Questions - the application may not proceed with suggesting a portfolio if it feels that your risk capacity does not allow your risk tolerance. If this is the case, you will be invited to contact us at Achieve.


Based on the responses to your questions, the system will suggest a portfolio tailored to your investment needs. In summary, the Investment Proposal will include:

  • Information supporting the investment choice
  • Historic behaviour of the portfolio
  • Your charges

By providing your email address and selecting a password you will be able to recover the report at a later date.

If you do wish to proceed with us, simply click 'get started now' which will start the process of creating your account.


  • Log in
  • Provide personal details
  • Provide your typical monthly income and expenditure details

Once you have provided all details, a Suitability Report will be generated highlighting any areas that you should give consideration to. You can download this report in pdf format.

You can then provide your payment details.

Finally, you will have to review and accept the terms and conditions before investing in your portfolio.

Remember, if you have any queries throughout the process, or want more information before you start we will be more than happy to help.