Long Term Care


Planning for long term care:

  • Identify priorities if you became unable to look after yourself

  • Is there any cover currently in place

  • What would you give up to meet the costs of care

  • Are you prepared to allocate some money towards care costs?

    It is very difficult to predict how long someone who enters a care home will continue to live for, and how much will be needed to pay for the care. The cost of long-term care homes are often substantially more than the income could cover, so the challenge is to use up capital year by year and invest it in such a way that it is secure but provides a reasonable return.

    It is important to arrange for a lasting power of attorney to be set up and registered as soon as possible before going into a care home, and certainly well before they are in danger of becoming incapable.

Financial Planning Areas

  • Ways of meeting long term care costs
  • How to plan for long term care
  • Benefits of a POA
  • Effecting a letter of wishes