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Life Stages


Life Stages

During our lives we will go through many life events which will impact your financial needs and objectives in different ways. Financial Advice can help you in the following ways:


  • Advice on savings and investments

  • When to start paying into a pension

  • Protection products - i.e. income protection.

  • Budgeting finances – Beginning to save for future events.

Marriage / Civil Partnership

  • Advantages & disadvantages of holding individual or merged bank account

  • Budgeting at a time that income and expenditure has changed

  • Advice on savings and investments for the future

  • Recommendations on protection products

Birth of a Child

  • Budgeting at a time that income and expenditure has changed

  • Short and long term budgeting for maintenance and education

  • Recommendations on protection products

  • Saving for future costs such as child care and education

  • Reviewing wills

  • Investing for a child

Divorce / Separation

  • Budgeting at a time that income and expenditure has changed

  • Reinvesting split funds

  • Advising on the most suitable course of action with regards to pensions

  • Rearranging protection policies

  • Amending Wills and Power of Attorneys

Inheriting a Lump Sum / Property

  • Importance of investing inheritance

  • Where to invest the inheritance

  • Advice on passing on unneeded inheritance to the next generation

Death of a Spouse / Partner

  • Budgeting a time that income and expenditure has changed

  • Assisting with new personal circumstances

  • Advice on investing additional funds

  • Reviewing Wills

Serious Illness

  • Accessing investments / pensions early if required

  • Payout of an existing critical illness protection policy

  • Protection products - income, health, life

  • Income replacement options


  • Establish aims and objectives

  • How much income is needed in retirement

  • Identify what options are available, depending on your need for fixed or variable income

  • Sources of wealth, other than pension products

  • Identify willingness to take risk and what options are available for this level of risk

  • What to do now to work towards achieving retirement goals

At Retirement & Beyond

  • Non-pension income options to meet retirement goals

  • Information on taking a lump sum

  • Ensure income meets expenditure

  • How to meet any differences in income and expenditure

  • Planning effectively to ensure retirement goals are met

  • Inheritance tax planning / setting up trusts

  • Priorities in retirement

  • Cash Flow planning to establish if you will outlive your capital

  • Budgeting carefully

  • Achieving life goals before it is too late

  • Passing on unrequired wealth to the next generation

Long-Term Care

  • Identify ways of meeting long term care costs

  • How to plan for long term care

  • Benefits of Power of Attorneys

  • Effecting a Letter of Wishes